Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello World (Again)!

If you have noticed, I have written a different blog post the other day notifying all my readers that this blog will serve as my “emo” blog of some sort but now, after a few days, I have thought of another drastic change. I exported all my posts from a not so updated blog that I have installed in blogger to this ever changing blog of mine (and I hope this is the last time)!

Yes folks! I am going to make this blog the new domain for my “education blog.” I will try to document all my struggles as a mom to help my children with their assignments.

Wow! Sounds so challenging eh?! Oh well, as for me, I find it VERY challenging because I am not a perfect mom. So, if you find my journey worth the read, please subscribe. Let’s mingle all the way. ;) OK?