Thursday, June 30, 2011

Patinig at Katinig

Takdang Aralin (Assignment): Gumupit ng mga larawan na nagsasaad ng mga salita na nagsisimula sa mga letra ng Patinig at Katinig.

Patinig (Vowels): Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo at Uu






Patinig (Consonants): Bb, Cc, Dd, Ff, Gg, Hh, Jj, Kk, Ll,Mm, Nn, Ññ, NGng, Pp, Qq, Rr, Ss, Tt, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy at Zz






Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Updates on this Blog

This is my second post here but technically speaking this should be my forth one since I transferred my posts with a “me” theme to A Woman’s Nook. The “me” theme fits there more than here. And because of that sudden change (thanks to the Jillian1 coupon code from GoDaddy), I decided to find a suitable topic or niche for this blog. I wanted this one to be different since I already have a lot of blogs talking on general issues, women, children and some.

Now what came to mind?! Tadah!! I decided to make this into an educational blog!! Not that I am planning to go homeschooling with my children but this is more of writing about the assignments, projects and other school related necessities that my children has. I am also going to share educational resources I found both offline and online. Will also share some of my own new discoveries.

Honestly, this idea was actually inspired by the fact that some assignments my children has could not be found online especially those from their Filipino Subjects! That means you will be expecting a bi-lingual blog! I will try to write in “Tagalog” – our national language to cater to some Filipino related subjects. Then the rest will be written in English.

So, isn’t this an exciting feat?! Well, I haven’t accomplished anything yet but surely this would be interesting. I am ecstatic about the idea! Nyahahaha!