Thursday, October 17, 2013

POEM: A Way to Peace and Harmony

I created this poem as to fulfill one of the activities assigned in our class in Social Dimensions of Education. The task was to compose a song or write a poem about achieving peace and harmony. I opted to write a poem since I am not musically gifted.

A Way to Peace and Harmony

Hearing news of war and famine;
Makes me want to go to heaven.
But since I have my life to live;
I got no choice but to strive and heed.

Many times, I prayed for peace;
And often times, I would want to cease.
But since I wanted to be hopeful;
I always opted to be joyful.

There was a time I thought about harmony;
And then I thought it was all about money.
But since money does not make me happy;
I always find happiness with my family.

How do we really achieve peace and harmony;
When people stopped caring about everybody?
Can it be achieve with hope and prayer;
When godly people are now so rare?

As for me, I think there is a way;
To achieve peace and harmony today.
That is to pray to God and believe;
And live our lives to love and give.

I am not good in writing poems but I tried my best to write one. It is hard when you are tasked to do something that requires talent and creativity.