Friday, March 18, 2011

New Domain, New Blog

I thought my last domain purchase was for my blog The Filipina WAHM but I was wrong. When I learned that a promo at GoDaddy was up, I immediately grabbed my debit card. Then I registered this domain inspired by one of my online pseudonyms - SAHMAKO. Update: I changed domain to :)

I always wanted to get this domain name but somehow I was hesitant. But today, nothing come up my mind except this, so I have no choice but registered this domain since I felt that its time. Anyway, I am not sure what I am going to blog about here but surely this will cater many of my personal thoughts on life in general aside from my family. ^_^


  1. you already! ikaw na ang addict sa domains! i wish. mapansin nya lang ako, i'll splurge on domains and i won't work for that boss anymore! =D wala ba price sa 1st follower and 1st commenter? :) hihihi! love you rubz! congratulations on your new domain/blog. i wonder how many times more will i say those words to you? hmmm...

  2. congrats (again) mommy rubz! GOD bless all your endeavors!!! wala din bang prize for 3rd follower and 2nd commenter??? hehehehe...

  3. I like the domain name he he..